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Activities and news

Presentation sample

Click HERE to view a presentation on the culture of peace.

Peace Presentations to Calgary local schools

Please note, currently (2010) we are living overseas (David in Tokyo and John in Bradford, studying peace), so we are not able to make any presentation.

Here is a list of Calgary local schools and organizations to whom Peacewaves has made peace presentations:

Elementary Schools

  • Ecole St. Cecilia's Elementary School
  • Father Doucet Elementary School
  • Queensland Downs Elementary School
  • Deer Run Elementary School
  • Mennow Simmons Elementary School

Junior-high and High Schools

  • Cardinal Newman Junior High School
  • Crescent Heights High School
  • Western Canada High School
  • Bowness High School
  • Forest Lawn High School


  • Calgary Community of Safe and Caring School, St. Leo's Centre (May, 2001)
  • Calgary International Youth Hostel (August, 2001)

Peace seminars/conferences

Here is a list of lectures & seminars that Peacewaves has hosted:

  • Annual Peace Hero Conference at the University of Calgary (Spring, 2003)
  • Cause Canada, at Scarboro Community Centre (2002)
  • Peace lecture: Land mine and Awareness, guest speaker from Red Cross, at Scarboro Community Centre (2001)
  • Peace seminar at Parkdale United Church (2001)
  • Peace lecture, Children Affected by Armed Conflict

Global Schools for Peace Program

Peacewaves is currently looking for schools that are interested in this program.