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Our philosophy

By developing our ability to see both sides, we increase our ability to make the best of both. By learning there are consequences for actions, we become aware of the benefits and drawbacks of being responsible.

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Culture of Peace

In our presentations, we use the six points that make up MANIFESTO 2000. We discuss "What is Peace," "What is Culture" and what would a Culture of Peace be like. Does it already exist in some places? What obstacles are in the way?

Peace is unity or balance and culture is who we are. The Culture of Peace then becomes recognizing our own individuality while at the same time recognizing that we are interconnected with the community around us and creating a balance between to two.

The six points of MANIFESTO 2000 are:

  1. Respect all life
  2. Reject violence
  3. Listen to understand
  4. Share with others
  5. Rediscover solidarity
  6. Preserve the planet

Papers and thesis