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About us

Here we are!

John Burgener

John started making presentations to youth groups in the year 2000. These presentations were the culmination of many cross-cultural exchanges he had participated in. He has travelled extensively and is interested in studying Human Rights and Gender issues. John says smiling is a great way to share peace. He has the ability to think like a kid.
Email: john@peacewaves.net

Dave Burgener

Dave is a graduate of Communication Studies program at the University of Calgary. He loves to play soccer and guitar, and spend time with friends. He says, "I don't think that peace has to be a big and intimidating idea. It's just learning to share and make the best with what we've got." Dave is planning to do his master's degree, starting in September 2010, in Tokyo, Japan.
Email: dave@peacewaves.net

Bernard Yankson

Benard is an artist, currently living in Vancouver. He graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD) and is an avid breakdancer. Bernard has extensive experience as a mediator. He has authored a paper about higher education. (see our philosophy page)
Email: ben@peacewaves.net


Mayumi has just completed an MA in International Studies, Peace and Conflict Resolution with the School of Political Schience, University of Queensland. She helps Peacewaves with presentations, publications, and the website.
Email: mayumi@peacewaves.net